Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Love: VIII : The Fathoms That You Are

my love,

you emerge whole from the sea, you are the foam, the sharp tang of salt in the mouth, you are the surge that the sky and light embraces as you travel  the fall, and in the buried ache of your longing you reach for me,

and the eventing of your hands and mouth finds me between the crackling of the tides, as shadows of shells and weeds sway in your veins and your spray of salt touches my cheek, and i find the brine of this blood swells in the blind silver of gravity, and your desire finds a path to my sorrows that is the urge of earth and the roots of copper that eats the fire into our bodies,

and you slip this flesh as you embrace the pull of your sea as you step from the froth of days, and your nocturnal body sinks me into longing, and the salt crusts over my clenched heart as you comb out the starry tendrils of your hunger, and deep in your blood flows the singing of wind and sand,
your song names the shores of your future  and you are chosen as stones sleep there solitude in  the embrace of cruel waves,

my love, you erode me to nothing as your feet tentatively embraces the shore and you emerge whole from the grip of the sea, and i am but air and stone in my desire for you and the pull of you tangles me in the glints of wind on waves, and as you move into me i grow silent as sky pondering the ends of the earth, and in me your seething swells drown me, your salt cuts me, your bite of brine stings the world of my eyes and blindness sparks the meeting of sorrows as sea touches earth,

and i swallow the sea and become foam and the promise of salt, and you emerge from the sea, and you are the sea and salt and foam, and i embrace the the fathoms that you are, as the pull of your tides hold me as i drown in sea and salt and foam.

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