Monday, August 22, 2011

My Love: VII: Time Bloomed Green

my love,

when times voice bloomed lush and green in your eyes you touched the earth and moved with the rustle of growing things and the dark moist earth welcomed the bleeding of your seeds. In the terrible mouth of  days, in there desperation in the self imposed silence of leaves, my passing on the swift longing stings breath and heart.

The blue hard sky filled you, brought light and warmth to your lips so pale, brought renewal, then o your hips and the gentle  warmth of the day settles on me and we rested midway through its passing, 

i gathered leaves and flowers along twisted brooks as day glinted off each shiver of water that swept past and the sweetness of bees and the hum of there flight made me drowse as stone,
and you came to me in lilacs and rain, in swift streams and rubbed smooth stones of abandoned brooks as the silver fish of minuets darted from me, as time bloomed green in your eyes,

so my love without you the the terrible moments pass dripping  there days through my hands as i wander the twisted bank in the wilderness gathering stray flowers and smooth fallen stars that rest slumbering in your hair as i gather them to count the passing of  months.

With you the cycle of light and dark lost its jagged blood drawing edge and you taught me silents and stirred my lips with the tender touch of skin,
we moved in lilacs and honey dripping in the buzz of days till time bloomed green in your eyes and you brought me rest.