Friday, April 5, 2019

my love XVI: fall from grace.

my love

i know that the brown loam finds you, and names you in the rise of sun as the blue thunders time along your sweet breasts. and moments like solitudes return to your eyes as you capture the sun and open your mouth to release the slim yellow rays of light. and along the heaving earth between stars and darkness i will turn to stone in your presence, and tumble from your lips smooth and round  and devoid of  favor

and my love

the winds are tongues that find your body as you rise from the heat of the day and your shimmering mouth utters the mysteries of beginning, of world, of light and his mouth opens for your moist loins and rocking heaving hips, as your red mouth swallows the beginning seeds, and the days of your thighs bind the passing light to the soft shadows of his spent desire.

and he lays with you embraced by earth and clay, and in you he finds the motion and paths of stars as his mouth codifies your yielding breast. but you turn me to stone with the touch of your look, and i tumble from light through the darkness to the light of your passion, and the memory that i have became grows him stiff and again he finds the renewal of your loins, but i travel the sorrow of space till my empty mouth gathers silence, and then I turn to stone and fall from grace.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

my love XV: between the lantern and the stars.

my love

you were the language that moved the stars, that drank the shore and sea, and i touched the wave that you brought me when you sharpened the stars as i slipped into you, and the shine that caught my breath that strangled my sight in that solitude of shadows when i longed as the sea became you

before you before i touched you i was lost beyond the longing of the moon and beneath the dark where only a piece of sky and hollow wind that shouted the story of return of tears and the dread that ends breath that takes the eyes that smooth stars that rubs water through time and in the moment i searched for you for your aches i wandered when the lies touched me and we fell we lost ourselves in the quiet syllables of our names.

in the drop of ash from the seas of your eye, the storm splinters the thick water of the air, and the clouds of your mouth hold me tender between confessing lips in the darkening air that crystallizes and slices into the pads of my fingers and i trace the soft mountain ranges that you are,

and your  fossilized bones whimpers as red trails of your surrender tracks behind my moving hand, and the blade of me pushes into you opening your red chasm ending our breath between the lantern and the stars.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Love XIV: sting me with distance

my love,

you are the water woman who came to me  with wind as eyes that lingers till the fingers burn and long for the quench of growth and the deep green that your mouth brings and in the pause between your thighs that names another over and over again it is a scent of you that i search for i drift in the cloying water of dispersing tides and the white peaks that i taste.

and in the surging roots we find the sky that binds us in blue and swallowed in the night i hunt restless through the warm solitude of empty hands and savage arms  that lays sleeping on my tongue and the salt of this night a fist of breeze lifts you past silver and into the flecked green of my hunger.

and pebbles of water becomes the song that catches us between waves and sea you were the language that moved the stars that drank in the shore and brine that stretches me through this pursuit to morning praying it is the scent of you that binds and with a hunger of waves and tides i search for you and the sea takes me.

and i touched the wave that you brought me that shaped the stars as another slipped into you and the shine that caught my breath  that strangled my sight  and in that solitude of shadows i wandered i longed as the sea became you and i thirsted hoping for a long taste of your legs a touch of your flesh a whisper of hair but your fingers find him and hold him till the air strums and he gasps as the sound of you is tasted by trees and sky and there is only you lost to me and to the sea deep in the heart of green and the trail of your aroma beats down the brine and i flounder longing for your scent until the salt of your hands sting me with distance.

Monday, December 17, 2018

dregs and ash

Blair your darkness has come and gone
your night is now over
you moved throw the clutter and disarray
you moved past the empties
and you were captured by an affliction
there was no cure for your disease

But you were lost in your visions
reaching to capture bliss before last call
but you never could escape the anguish
all you ever gained
was a return to painful days
filled with dregs and ash
and a glass of wine and myrrh.

That night we roamed the maples
you burned all the choices
you glided through it's smoke
and you and I danced
past all the losses
you stumbled on the dance floor
you mumbled all your excuses
you spun around the perimeter
grasping for a sign
but you could never read the prophecies
nor the coming of closing time.

Your eyes showed no answers
they had lost the power of sight
and were unable to see into the night.
I tried to reach beyond
I tried to pass inside
I tried to share your rapture
but there was only vinegar in your glass
and an empty on the bar.

Blair your night is over
and I didn't see you leave
now only dregs and ashes remain
somewhere in the bar
somewhere lurking in the smoke
somewhere sleeps your answer
hidden in that empty on the floor

Trapped in the stupor that you traveled
unable to hold the light
there was only I left standing
you fell between the tables
hidden from my sight

I tried to reach beyond
I tried to get inside
I tried to share your rapture
but there was only vinegar in your glass
and an empire on the bar.

Blair you eyes were no answer
there was no inner light
I watched as the dreams dispelled
I saw them spill upon the floor
Blair I discovered in the shadows
that your face was already cold
in the predawn I discovered
you were already an apparition
all your lust was wounds
all your passions were lacerations
I found in the pail glare from you
that only the dregs and ashes remain.

In that darkened bar
only a specter of you remained
Blair, all the voices were garbled
the tables were cluttered and empty
we should have waltzed together
I should have understood
I should have read the signs
of the absents in your eyes.

Your flesh was used to much
there was no cure you could ingest
but the smoke and music were to much
it all conspired to lead you out of step
you trailed after the flames
you danced a note behind.

Your voice echoed in me
your words just fell from the air
there were moments when the rhythm wasn’t there
still you spent the night aimlessly moving
capering around the edge
hoping to capture a vision
promising escape from your affliction.

We were lost together
we were dizzy with the passing
but it was you had the disease
I tried to touch you
I tried to read your eyes
but when I touched your hollow face
when I tried to reach into your void
I found your glass spilled and
your bottle filled with wine and myrrh.

Blair, believe me
I tried to reach beyond
I tried to get inside
I longed to share your rapture
but I discovered to late
there was only vinegar in your glass
and all that you left behind
all that you left in my hands
was only dregs and ash
and an empty on the bar.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

my love, XIII: i ache and ache,

my love,
even in the darkest stories your shadow becomes air, and drinks the bitter mood of earth and water and i lay in this river, this bed of smooth stones of biting history and your hands fill the darkness
of my mouth and you spill into me the  lies of your flesh  and i gather the smooth stones of your dreams of others.

and you drown me in the swift rivulets  of your passing and the darkening sky that you are, fills the
hollows of my cupped hands and i ache for your passing for the chaffing wind to dig into my tender side, and leak my heart into the stream of flowing rocks,

the air of my sight trembles as the night losses itself to flesh and opens the creases of your body and holds you on the precipice and the precipice gasps its hungry mouth for you and moves along the firm curves of your body and you tremble and shake and leak a warm stream of ghosts, for your hands to dream.

and the darkness warms your body and  presses deep into your recesses, till you are full and stretched and you gasp and tatter the light and dark  with your fictions  as you tumble from the light of your need to the consuming arms of my absents,

and the gap that i have become that i fell into becomes the wash of time and carried me beyond the tick of emptiness till im swallowed into the longing emptiness of what resides on the other side of flesh,

my love
 the sound of it all drops sighs and hands into the clinging warmth of lost and  gone. and the memory of my hand stitches history into the stream of not me that you gasp. and i ache and ache.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Love: X Into Your Parched Sea

my love,

the depth of your awakened light devours the flesh of bone and
when i sip the light  between destinies and despair i know the roots of marrow empty me and i swim into embraces that slumber in flesh, the ice of your winter bores into me extinguishing the fires tide, chilling the sleeping earth,

and when your absents sounds as sand in wind and you become a desert, i swim the dust into false summer, and my body empties of burning blue and the glare of passions leak into the shadow of beloved.

my  love.
you claim the warm air and storms that fill your breasts, the blistering kisses from you scolds my loneliness, burns my despair and nourishes the spreading desert, a sea as full as the soul,

the naked lightning whispers the hollow of your shoulders till the cascades of thirst falls from the sky drains me to dust, and the universe falls to your thighs, and the silents of the sand consumes me, as you rhythm my fluted bones into your parched sea of salt.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Love: XII: Till Distance Becomes Sorrow.

My love,

you do know that once the blue unfurled from my fingertips for you, and that the gaping mouth of light, lighted you, and in light and dark, in sea and earth, the flowers  of your eyes captured the sun and spun the air to webs and vines to bind me.

as the earth trembled you moved and your gravity enthralled trees and stone, and you gave order to the universe, and i revolved in your sway touching all sides of you and my celestial dreams filled the shadows and i pored the darkness into your open mouth, and then i delved into you, penetrating deep in to the secret and hidden, until my shadow dissolved in the opening you once granted me.

and the stars and precious veins of the earth relinquish the ebb and flow that defines you,
and i move through your flickering of light and dark, and i am trapped by the gravity of your motion, and in the void i am speechless,

my love. as the spheres sing out there fate and you are the universe, i linger in you, held by your tides and tug , imprisoned by your flowing blood, and i despair.

all i can do is flow with the your ebbs and currents, travel with your pull and attraction till distance becomes sorrow and i am released.