Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Love: V: The Flow of Sap

My Love,

the flow of sap with its assuring breath, a cluster of green bursting with warm roots and fresh spray of spent desire, and in the slow avalanche of evening the darkness surrounds and with moist lips and probing tongue i found you, buried in loam beneath sheets of leaves and tender moss,

and the spring rose in your mouth and heavy eyes dark and flashing rumbled the horizon purple, and your womb contracts and heaves in the dark moist earth and you push forth seeds and sprouts as the sharp dew caresses and your green breath  fills the morning and awakes my lips.

my love, the day is fire, and you are a sharp sting of grapes and flowers, you fill me with the taste of bees and and tangle of unfurled ivy and there sweetness burns me and my mouth wounded closes around the flowers of the day.

and your swollen lips move on, with the traveling of light across a bed of stone to embrace  the swelling urgency  of my hips, your earthy vines bind me, stings my mouth and i stumble in uncertainty with the heat of the earth.

my love, you stagger then kneel at the  rustling stream  slaking my thirst and soothing the cuts and wounds of my mouth, and your spring rain soaked me through and i step into the capricious water, then sit drowsily in the forgiving moss till your rain swells the stream, and i am towed to your source.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Love: IV: Light of Your Hands

                                           art by  godwithdan

my love,                                                                            

the light of your hands swaddle me, and carry me slumbering into the the depths of your eyes,
and into the fires beneath flesh and stone, to the heat that is churning the massive wheels of the universe.

in the pull of spring your nourishing fingers find me, i was lost in the wilderness of an endless horizon, and i longed to travel the petals of your flesh to dance in the cool shade and budding leaves of your curves and moist center. uncharted, i longed to wander the gardens and vineyards of your flesh,

then when the broiling clouds, dark and savage entomb me, you find me and lift me with a shine that births tides, and delivers me from the gales that batter and devour.

my love, the radiant waves of your body salts the stars across the harsh darkness, and i  a lost voyager grasps  your silver breath and scattered constellations to carry me from desolation to the succulent red earth of your garden.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Love: III: The Weight of Rain

my love,

the water and rain weigh me down, i tried to hold you, to touch your breasts, but you were a drop of glistening dew, that held the earth, a clear drop left from the secret encounter of dark and sun,

i thirst for you, for the wine that lingers in fist fulls of dark grapes that sing of earth and warmth, i hunger to be nourished, to have my ache for you filled by the droning of bees and by the splash and babble of swift rivulets that rub smooth the bones of earth, and seek in there passion the vast salt sea, that calls, that sings, that siren that can not be denied. i long to be nourished by your milk and blood, and the clear dew of when dark and sun encounter.

my love, the weight of rain pulled me to my knees, pulled me to the rich thick mud, filled me with blood and seeds, and the rain fed the earth with its secrets, and drew from the mud the mystery of breasts and blood and milk, and the final mystery of the briefest of encounters of dark and sun, as my thirst throbs to be quenched by the wine of your breasts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Love. II. Beginning

my love,

your beginning is full of the pungent taste of moss, and the consuming sting of salt, you become the glow of the moon that rides the mystery of birth from the foam of tides, to the whispers of the darkness that filled my lips before there was a desire for you.

i tumble to your darkness trailing the promise of stars, bound to the roots of rock and tree, i voyage to the unfolding of the one mystery of tide and blood. the ache of salt blinds my eyes, as the air of my hands grasps the raging sea of you,

my love,

in the crash of waves on stone and in the lick of flames in air, i lose myself in the musk of your origin, the voyage that is flesh falls into the agony and mist of your mystery that is the clash of earth and air, and i voyage to your unfolding as my hands travel the currents of your flesh tracings paths to the one mystery, as the soft dew of your desire rages the flame of beginnings,

and out of the darkness you arise gleaming from the curve of the world, stretching the blue horizon with the green of your eyes, and the world finds renewal as your tide devours the rocky shore,

and the sun streams down crusting salt on rocks and the world turns with the tug of tides and blood.