Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sea Creature

you slipped from the sea, glisining in the aqua embrace of air and moon, and stalked the bruised shoreline.
I in despair, haunted the void between shore and sea, and the emptiness between earth and sky

in the piercing night I longed for your flesh as I whispered your secret name, and in the spray of broken waves the hands of the sea, touched my longing eyes, and then I called the sea and gathered the waves, and from the depths you tumbled from the sea, abandoning your fin-folk,and I captured your skin, and held it entwined in my hands,

and against all the tides and lunar ropes, against the cruelty of sky, and silent undertow, you fell into my hands and twisted your skin into my breath and curve of my mouth, and you in your lust trembled your surrendered to me.

You in your need consumed me, the tendrils of your flesh wove me into your tide and desire, then from the sea you grew and on the painful shards of shore you suffered the sting of submission and surrender.

You bled into me the gift of your pelt.

I in my doubt, lost in the terror of history, a victim of a tempestuous sea, a voyager, longed for the skin of a creature, a sea creature as elusive as the crest of a wave.

You surrendered your skin, the gift of your being and curled at my feet.

The fury and rage of the sea, the strength of tides were unable to bend you, yet
with liquid eyes and firm hands you draped your skin into my arms.
And then clung to me so storm and upheaval could not drive you to
reclaim your pelt.

my creature of the sea.


it has been too long ,
since I have splashed into the salt brine of you,
the silver lunar ropes of your heart netted my floundering empty breath, casting me upon the sharp curves of your intent.

it has been too long since the full eclipse, and those dark ropes of flesh that bound you to the beating welcome of my aching surge. it has been too long since the rains filled and swelled the heaving seas and tugging moon, and ripened the surge of your flowing bones, and filled my hands with the light of your coral lips.

Shoreline and surf, stones and foam have pulled me and tangled me in the sharp tang of shoreline and dark breath of undertow till your liquid heart has drowned me in the sea of you.

and the tides and tendrils of your beating rain breathed salt and brine and life back into me so long lost to the cycles of the moon and sea.

the waves have not swallowed you, the brine has not devoured you or the white foam of your flesh, and the inmeasurable thrust and pull of my lunar embrace has only moved you deeper into my sea,

the salt of your desire enfolds me and your flesh opens as the tides of my eyes crash and pull the warmth and bones of my desire.

the froth of your arms wash over me, encrusting hair and skin filling my mouth with the rich tang of your leaking body.

the tides of your hips pull and sway, swell and withdraw as the allure of lunar silver touches the cresting waves of your tide, and I plunge into the roll and heave and stroke through the undulating swell of your breasts

I possess your pelt, my creature of the sea.


Night and the wishing touch of my hands trace the sea of your body, and beneath I feel the beat and pause of your heart. Each beat rising from the fathoms to the surface and then gone, then followed by another in an unbroken line but in this swaddling sheet of dark, the pool that we are winds through time and each beat speaks softly your secret sea creature name.

Captive in the net of flesh, in this circle of dark you ride the warmth of my hands and mouth, you braid the sound of me with the tendrils of time and our inevitable ending.

Your mouth and its tender knowledge carries me above the beating of your sea for a brief moment and holds me tethered with silver strands of your flesh and passion.

The darkness lightens from the creeping promise of the turning to light, and the darkness is slowly pulled from the world,

and the eternal beat of your sea unforls this thin silver night snared in the net of my arms, and i know that the slow unwinding to the eventual silvering and sunrise will pull the night and us into its shining finality.


You gave to me your hand stretched across the vast seas and a twist of rope binds you and tethers you in the streaming flow of tides in the winding and unwinding of the spool of our lives.

You gave to me your body that is born of salt and brine, of foam, and wind, that sails this tumultuous sea through typhoons and calm, through rage of waves and through tow and undertow of flesh and blood, and the eyes of days that pierce the body, and through the leagues of our time, you held me safe.

and in the curling waters of night your tendrils of warmth swaddle me in the rock and sway of the tender slide of your grasping holding hands.

You gave to me your eyes and heat and motion and the wrap of hidden promise that unfolded arms and legs, pulling me, swallowing the distance between flesh and flesh and we seep into the other armed and knotted, fingers to hips, arms to legs, and the billow of your escaping smoke clings to my want and seeps into my pores, and i will posses you,

Until I grow ethereal and unhinge from this shackle of bone and breath and I ride the waves and wind of your endless green sea till the final curl of dark enfolds and embraces us into the swallowing night,

my tender creature of the sea.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Will Come Driving

you will come driving
skeletal and stark, sockets
empty of eyes but full
of blaze and vision, and you
will rattle your bones bereft
of flesh, draped in
tatters and shatter

you will come driving
blurring the road and swallowing
my refuge and fodder. your ravenous
speed compressing my time
to moments without breath to gasp
the words I desperately need to shout,
but your driving frenzy will blow
away any sound of disclosure I utter.

you will come driving,
laughing the sharp edges of your
murk and zeal, you in your rush
for the finish, will rattle
my sanctum, and torment my fall,
with your handfuls of nothing
and mouthful of dark..

you will come driving
from the tumult to the halt,
from the flaccid to the fleeting,
your hingeless jaw laughing,
your fiery breath strumming
the air and bubbling the clouds
into a gulping dirge.

you will come driving
speeding, but leisurely stretching
your time to the limit, with
sulfur and sandalwood
and allure and aversion
you will laugh your demoniacal
laugh we use to share, and the
emptiness that were your
eyes, will sparkle at me
with glee, as I get in too
ride with you
when you come driving.