Thursday, May 21, 2009


this past Saturday, i attended a class on flogging. four hours of nothing but flogging with instruction from a master who has been flogging for more than 25 years.

for the first time in a very long time i felt at peace with my self. It felt so right wielding the flogger. for the first time in a long long time i felt my deep seated feelings of dominance, and sadism bubble up to the surface, and I felt cleansed and refreshed giving expression to those feelings.

the instruction was illuminating and invigorating. in 4 hours i improved and learned so much, but more importantly i was completely enthralled again with flogging, i rediscovered my love of the activity. there is something so intimate, something so spiritual about flogging, its not just pounding on someone with strips of suede or leather. its a means of intimately connecting on the most fundamental of level with another person.

flogging for me is more than the mare swinging a stick with leather attached to it, making contact with some anonymous back.

The activity of flogging its not just inflicting pain upon another person. In its purist essence it is a tool of enlightenment, its a means of guiding the person being flogged inward into them selves, opening them up to themselves, to their most basic of experiences, and then taking them beyond, to somewhere where there is no time, no space, no world, only the path created with each lash of the flogger, leading them on their spiritual voyage of discovery. it is enabling them to release the moment and to travel deep into them selves and discovery of who they are, and releasing them from the material world to explore that place within them selves, and their relationship with the one that wields the whip.

for me, not only is flogging a spiritual act, it is also a deeply sexual act. Flogging for me is also about the arousal, the physical arousal, that grows from need and blooms into overwhelming lust and desire, the need to posses, the need to totally swallow that person, to consume them in the flames of my want.

but also there is the tenderness of connections, it is the all-consuming symbiotic relationship that envelops the flogger and the one receiving the beating.

as i continual to beat, and inflict pain on this willing open submissive, the flogging becomes a binding together of the two of us. each stroke of the floggers stitches us together tighter and tighter as the two of us voyage inward together to find our dharma.

fore me flogging is so much more that just beating some stranger with a bit of leather, it is a soul cleansing, spiritual bonding of two bodies fused for a brief moment of time, that together rise above the mundane, a transcending beyond the gray everyday drudgery that we spend so much of our lives trying to escape, a fleeting grasp of a moment of illumination and enlightenment.

for me there has to be a connection. first a connection to the flogger, each has a different feel, a different character, and a different purpose. then there has to be a connection of the moment, the time must be right, the moment needs to flow into me, and i need to flow into the moment, only then when there is reciprocal energy am i moved to flog. as i said its not just simple act of beating some one, nor is it a game I am playing, for me it is deeper than the act itself, it is one of the most deeply personal and intimate acts that two people can participate in.

Finally i need to be connected to the person that i am flogging. i need to feel their energy, their arousal, and their willingness, most of all their trusting submission. without that, for me there is no flogging. there is no connection, no intimacy.

i need to feel connected, need to feel that flow of energy between me and the person that i have bound and hold captive.

i need that person, o how i long for that one person to bare their back, to reach out there wrists for me to cuff, to bend over the bench and expos their sweet white ass.

o how i long to run my hand along the ass and back of that submissive, and then to slap them across the ass cheeks then their back, until there skin turns light pink and i can see that the flesh is beginning to tenderize, and warm up to a inviting glow.

then to start off flogging slowly, alternating lightly, as suede falls lick and kiss tender skin. Then, when heated and glowing to a soft rosy sheen, slowly run my hands across ass cheeks and steaming back, then to a wet cunt. as my fingers penetrate i can hear a grunt and feel the muscles of your cunt closing on my fingers as if your cunt was sucking on them.

then move to a heaver, stingier leather flogger, and start increasing the frequency and weight of the strikes, knowing that in a day or two deep bruising will well up on that ass and back, but the harder i flog the more aroused i become. with my cock rock hard, i pause again to run my hands along back and ass and to penetrate that sopping wet cunt, so slick with drool, that thin rivulets run down the inside thigh.

pulling out my cock i quickly drive it into the exposed cunt. There is a gasp and grown then frantic pushing back longing for me to fuck fast and as hard as possible, i oblige but only for a moment then withdrew, to continue with the flogging.

i use my bare hands to feel the heat, and to slap hard enough to leave handprints on each cheek. i flog even harder until the ass and back are aflame, and then start flogging tits and cunt.

a mone and squirm raising an flaming cunt to each blow of the flogger, then on the precipice, i enter and pound until i almost come, but stop to ensure that you come first and squirt. so with finger up your ass, and vibrator on your cunt, you thrash then shout as you reach orgasm, and i keep finger fucking your ass until you squirt a stream of clear liquid from your throbbing cunt.

as you lay spent, i ram my cock into your mouth for you to finish me off.

o i long to have that one person to flog, to bind and abuse.

o i long for that one submissive that can create the right conditions, that one submissive that i can dominate, have her on her knees, groveling before her master.

that one bitch submissive who knows that the only purpose she has is to please me.

who knows that i will be harsh and demanding. that she will spend her time on her knee with my cock in her mouth serving me.

that she will knee and kiss my feet, and be a slave to my needs and desire.

o how i long, and ache .

how i long and ache,

and wait……….

and wait ………..

and wait……….


Anonymous said...

"for the first time in a very long time i felt at peace with my self."


Your words describe exactly how I felt the very first time I was flogged. It has been a very long time, and I miss it so much. Flogging gives me release, calms me, and lets me go away from myself while at the same time creating a bond like no other with the man allowing me to experience it. The man who showed me this is the only person on this earth who has truly seen me, and this is because of his flogging me.

Reading your thoughts, I can tell you understand what flogging is and is supposed to be. It is not just a means to an end; it is a deeply meaningful act all on its own. I can also feel your desire to find the person who you can share this with, and I do hope that you find her soon. If I only could, I would be the first to offer, and would feel sincerely safe in doing so.

My best to you,

finbar said...

thank you wanderingblueeyes for your very kind offer, i am touched by it.

it has been a long time since i have flogged someone, about a year i think maybe a little more, and yes i miss it terribly, but i am patient.

i hope too that you find someone to flog you.

Charli said...

This is beautiful Finbar....again you have described what could be thought of as a purely physical act, with alacrity and depth of heart.

I cannot say that I have experienced this "sense of peace" brought about by this particular act; but because I am relatively new to this, the times He "has" flogged me, I have been pre-occupied with struggling to accept, and deal with, the pain and not having enough energy to travel to that "other" place.

One day.

S. said...

So many of us have such a profound compunction to uncork that bottle of pain and dive into the swell of it. Those of us who do, have our own methods or processing for doing so.

An enlightened post. Thank you.

Angel said...

Ah your waiting is so eloquent, finbar.

I can taste the exquisite torture of it, the melancholic need so deep, so profound, so unquenchable.

One can see the flight of your soul, in this piece of writing of yours.

Wish you find your piece of heaven, that surely awaits you somewhere, sometime...