Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Will Come Driving

you will come driving
skeletal and stark, sockets
empty of eyes but full
of blaze and vision, and you
will rattle your bones bereft
of flesh, draped in
tatters and shatter

you will come driving
blurring the road and swallowing
my refuge and fodder. your ravenous
speed compressing my time
to moments without breath to gasp
the words I desperately need to shout,
but your driving frenzy will blow
away any sound of disclosure I utter.

you will come driving,
laughing the sharp edges of your
murk and zeal, you in your rush
for the finish, will rattle
my sanctum, and torment my fall,
with your handfuls of nothing
and mouthful of dark..

you will come driving
from the tumult to the halt,
from the flaccid to the fleeting,
your hingeless jaw laughing,
your fiery breath strumming
the air and bubbling the clouds
into a gulping dirge.

you will come driving
speeding, but leisurely stretching
your time to the limit, with
sulfur and sandalwood
and allure and aversion
you will laugh your demoniacal
laugh we use to share, and the
emptiness that were your
eyes, will sparkle at me
with glee, as I get in too
ride with you
when you come driving.



Luna Mauvaise © 2009 said...

I am of a mind to take a ride again. The last verse is perfection.


Topaz said...

Lines like "hingeless jaw laughing" paint unsettling emotions that just culminate when you go with him/her/it... great stuff!

Gray said...

Your words... *breathless*

I want to come driving to ride with you.

Avachild said...

I have to admit I was a slight bit apprehensive at first when I began reading. Granted that comes from a personal place consumed with a fear of, well, scary things. Still, you did not fail. I was engulfed by the imagery your words create. By the end I wanted to stand up and shout my elation. I'm embarrassed to confess, I was worried about the end results. I thought for sure you were going to be consumed.

S. said...


** phenomenal **