Tuesday, November 10, 2009


always when i'm
in the forest of your
i'm never lost, only
traveling the deep green
to the horizon
of your sight.

and always, when the ocean
of your body, takes me,
I flout out on the
lulling waves of your
tide, that soothes and returns me
refreshed and new,

when the air and sky of
your hands enfold me
and drew me from earth,
to flight, my heart flutters,
in the worm thermals
of your palm and fingers.
that lift me higher into
the thin air, and embraces
me, holding me aloft
in your passions.

I am a voyager, and you
are the vastness of the
new world,
and the forests, and earth
and sky and seas
that you are
sustains me,
and I travel towards the
endless horizon that
is you.

and I in my wondering
am nourished by the worm
bread of your flesh,
and quenched by the
close beating of your
you are my sustenance,
the soft red earth of your body
with the nourishing
flowing of your
streams, and rivers, and tributaries,
running longingly to your sea.
your waters holding me,
pulling me throw the
thousand voyages of your
body and eyes.,
and yet,
you remain, virgin wilderness,
largely unexplored, uncharted,
and your horizons,
and starry sky
will sustain me

and I will spend my days
traveling the rivers and sea,
and air, of your being,
until my hands, and eyes,
and body
have mapped and charted
every forest, every stream every
river and tide, of the shrouded
wilderness of your body,
to the endless horizon
of your being….
till the end of my days.


Luna Mauvaise said...

Again I'm left speechless. *sighs* Beautiful sentiment, finbar.

Gray said...

You do write beautifully, leaving me wanting to be your forest.

Topaz said...

You have a thread of the voyager, through the natural settings and through the waters, it brings the mariner an eeriness that will not seem to end.