Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Hunger Of Time

His tender wonder softly
surely grasps the
urging curve of her thrust

and in the tremble of
reach, her whisper
of promise breaths into
him the vertigo of forever,

and from the high beyond
blue and envy the universe unwinds
next to the edge of green
her eyes grew,

and the warmth of her open
mouth in billows soft and
bright captures and swallows
morsels of him,

and in the silver of the
night her throat warbles
and in the ripples of the moment
and she devours the loneliness
and solitude that flesh
intimately knows

and they, swirled in limbs
drift till the hunger of time
has its fill.

1 comment:

Gray said...

This is such a soothing piece. I adore your writing.