Friday, September 17, 2010

Pulls me Asunder.

The tousle of your warmth
and lips surround me
holding me in your mouth
till you bring me to full storm,

Eyes still closed
drifting under frail lids
I only slightly rise
to the surface of sleep,

Your warmth captures me
I unswirl in the shallows, but
your tides keeps me pinned

I absorb your incessant
liquid waves, knowing your
surging sea will free me

I know time and the lunar light
conspire to thwart the tug and pull
as your sea foam lips slide
along my length

i drift back from the rim
of sleep and swirl the sheets
as you reluctantly drift
from the firm line of my shore

I capture another
throbbing hour of
the ghosts of your
lips surrounding me

sluicing along my
swollen shoreline,
before time and life
conspires and the currents
pull me asunder.

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