Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Fragrance of Spring

in this
crisp air of Halloween,
i harvest the currents of musk
rising from you,
i bend  and in a rustle
of autumn leaves
falling red, gold and orange, i
kiss you.

on your promise of renewal
the storms of November
gather embracing  me in
ghostly chill,
drawing my hands
from your warm
breast, and breathing its
future frost deep into me
entombing my heart

that has lost time
and thinks spring is
unfurling in your
green eyes. that the red
of your hair flames the earth
to bloom and bud,
while my kisses fade in the
pumpkin and apple spiced
passing of  fall;

but the secrets of your hips
haunted the chill
from me,
and taught my eyes and heart that
this air thick with Halloween, is
the fragrance of spring.

1 comment:

Woman in a Window said...

Gorgeous tumbling writing with all the right smells.