Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Love: IV: Light of Your Hands

                                           art by  godwithdan

my love,                                                                            

the light of your hands swaddle me, and carry me slumbering into the the depths of your eyes,
and into the fires beneath flesh and stone, to the heat that is churning the massive wheels of the universe.

in the pull of spring your nourishing fingers find me, i was lost in the wilderness of an endless horizon, and i longed to travel the petals of your flesh to dance in the cool shade and budding leaves of your curves and moist center. uncharted, i longed to wander the gardens and vineyards of your flesh,

then when the broiling clouds, dark and savage entomb me, you find me and lift me with a shine that births tides, and delivers me from the gales that batter and devour.

my love, the radiant waves of your body salts the stars across the harsh darkness, and i  a lost voyager grasps  your silver breath and scattered constellations to carry me from desolation to the succulent red earth of your garden.

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