Monday, October 3, 2011


she knelt in the sharp glare of light and the gloom of her private humiliation.
her arousal leaked and oozed from her.

left hand pulling and twisting a nipple.
her right hand sliding into a smooth slick urgency between her legs.

with tilted head she could barely contain her longing ache for this.

so many nights she touched herself and dreamed, and then wilted in shame

now the clash of dream and reality peeled away trepidation, fear , and self loathing.

she had never articulated this dream, never even hinted but somehow this man knew, saw into the lust that was her secret heart, understood the need that was her  intimate disgrace,

and had stripped her of resistant and taboos.

so now, kneeling, eyes hooded, mouth hot and moist in the sterile glare,

slowly he unzipped, then held his flaccid cock, her blue eyes widened.
against her pail skin her black hair framed the opening and unfurling of her deepest lust.

pausing a moment, neither breathed or moved, suspended in desire and anticipation, then the warm golden stream arched from his cock and splashed hotly on her face, her soul and body shivered ,
frantically both hands worked, the stream filled her half opened mouth, trailed down to her breasts and drummed against each nipple.

overcome with warmth, fulfillment and relief, she drooled piss down her chin then quickly greedily swallowed,

on the edge of the abyss, she trembled and shivered as her hand frantically rubbed and fingers cruelly pinched.

greedily beyond the restraint of her shame she twisted her body to catch as much of the golden flood as she could. mouth gaping she eagerly gulped as she orgasmed in tremors and spasms, and tears.

it was released, the flood gates were opened she had hidden this from everyone, boyfriends, her ex- husband , but now in that anonymous  bathroom,

in the sharp glare of light bulbs and chrome
this man had given her wings, unfettered her, with one golden shower had cleansed her soul of her deepest shame and most hidden of secrets.

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