Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Table Manners

from the start i knew it would lead to this.

from the start i wanted you bound. cuffed, wrists and ankles, tied and bound, helpless.

in a moment i had you bent over the dark polished dining room table. your white smooth limbs swaddled in my leather and rope. legs spread, ankles lashed to the legs of the table. your sharp hips riding the rounded edge of the table, as you lay spread across the glistening surface, white on deep red mahogany.

arms pulled in front, and a set of ropes holding you taught, as your torso and the hard red nipples of your tits pressed into the table.

your white skin, silken and stretched tight, back bare, ass naked and your smooth shaved cunt wet and exposed.

with time of the essence my supple leather flogger tenderises your back and ass.

glowing a deep red, with rising welts thatching your flesh, you mone in your delirium of need, cunt oozing urgency.

in the depth of your descent into depravity you beg, plead to your master to fuck his slut, you weep to be filled with cock and cum.

i throbbing to the point of explosion enter you with urgency and rage, digging my fingers and nails into your hips as i repeatedly pound into you.

the heat of your flogged back and ass scorches me to a spasming explosion.

finished , i withdrew, pull up a chair and watch as my cum leaks out of your cunt and trails down the tenderest part of your inner thigh.

i glance to the door, where my hockey bag and stick lay discarded. time ticks away, and the urgency is on me again and i russel through my bag for something new to torture you with.

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