Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your Need For Punishment

i see in your ocean green eyes the deep soul searing ache, and desperate longing for punishment.

your being weeps, and hungers to be hurt, to be punished, to be used, to submit willingly wholeheartedly to another's hand, to submit without reservation to another's wants and desires, to find fulfillment and completion in the exquisite agony of submission.

in the deep sea of your need i see your craving, your hunger for someone to take you, to grab you roughly by your blazing hair, for strong hands and fingers to wrap around your tender throat and hold you in the noose of their lust, to make you kneel, to make you bow. to take you and to own you.

and in your willful submission is you release, your freedom, and your joy. the lust to feel needed, the overpowering eroticism of being owned and cherished. and for you that means being taken, bound and beaten, then used till you are drained of all you have .

by the flames of your hair you want to be dragged, and pulled across my knees, bare assed. hands cuffed and held out of the way, as my hand smacks down on your white celtic skin .

you squirm and wiggle, twist and turn, sometimes flinching in anticipation, sometimes in the shock of the sting and pain, but you are unable to escape or avoid each stinging wallop.

slowly erratically i smack first one cheek then the other, lightly at first then harder and harder increasing the sting and thud almost imperatively from smack to smack.

harder and harder till your ass cheeks glow, from pink to fiery red and the heat seems to shimmer from your throbbing ass.

the smacks grow louder, swifter, harder, and you twist and wiggle trying to avoid your punishment and the next slap, and you try desperately to feel the rigidity of my cock against your stomach or hip, just the knowledge of its rigidity pushes you even further into your frenzied haze of arousal.

continuously i slap and smack and paddle, then without prelude i probe two fingers into your now dripping cunt.

as my fingers enter, you gasp a breath and strain to push down on those probing fingers. after a few rapped vibrations i take them out glistening and dripping to taste.

your need for this punishment transcends the pain or arousal, it is this act of submitting that is your reason for being..

this simple loving act, this exquisite agony not only arouses and stimulates but defines and centers you, brings you back to what you are, what you have been and what you will remain for your life.

the act of being taken delineates your soul, and confirms the deep embedded patters that run through you like the lunar tides, it is a need that can not be denied nor sublimated.

it is what you are, it is the reason for your existence, to submit, to care for, and kneel to another.

the punishment of the flesh is a release to the flesh, arousing and satisfying, but the release of desire flows deeper than just the sensual titillations of the body.

your release in submission touches your fundamental needs and longings. needs and longings that can not be denied, and if denied they cannot be stemmed for long. like the raging waves of a storming sea, your submission will crash and tare at the shore until it has spent all its furrier.

but the cruelest of punishments, the soul killing agony that will destroy , the one punishment that injure and bruise deep into your soul, is the withholding of punishment.

the withholding is the cruelest of all strikes. it will make you shrivel, collapse into yourself, into the cold darkness of rejection and self doubt, and self loathing.

then you move on to self abuse, hating yourself because the one you need does not punish you. does not see you worth punishing.

you become lost, drifting , you have lost your self, you have become alienated from who and what you are.

the cruelty that you then inflict upon your flesh is far harsher than any spanking or flogging that i could administer.

and in the loss of punishment i to become lost, alienated from my self, from my needs and desires.

i to become lost in a tumultuous sea, at the mercy of wind and waves and current, and i to resort to self flagellation in the despair of being lost from ones self.


Charli said...

the darkest hungers
the deepest needs
you detail these
devastating appetites
so very deliciously

but not without sadness
the devastation is real;
the consequences great

River Girl said...

I read these words with my own salty tears dripping into my mouth.. It is as if you reached out, into the deep sea of my being and pulled the snarling beast of denial to the surface.
Each word clings to my soul.. For I know of what you speak..

Your words are all encompassing, all knowing.. they reach into my soul and touch me deep within..

I am ELATED that I have found you here, in this cyber reality..