Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hunger

The hunger grabs me, holds me, strangles the hot breath from my throat. deep inside it grows and throbs and pulsates to an ache that encompasses sight and sound and taste. It splits my skin, roughly tearing it, rending it into jagged bloody strips, and i convulse and twist and jerk in my need to shake off the old flesh .

the hunger shakes off the facade of civilisation, shakes off the pretence of civility, shakes off my dark history, shakes off my timid life, and grow fangs and claws that will tare and rend..claws that ill tare and bloody tits and ass, claws that will rake red welts down your white pristine back.

The hunger splits me, and in the ache of emergence i renew myself. It takes my body, my will, my spirit, my awareness. it take sight and thought, and in its place there is an ache, a pain of wanting, large deep pools of swallowing red need. a river of want that will sweep me away in its clutches of ravenous hunger.

a desire, a longing, a need to be fulfilled. A need for release, a need for A body to take, a body to posses, a body to ravage, a body to bind, to own, to consume, a body to fuck and flog, and hurt and cut. a body to lose myself in, a body to transcend my body. a body that would bring me release, bring me an epiphany, bring me beyond flesh and blood and the world, to return me to my rightful place, a place of transcendence that only lust and sex and dominance can give.

The hunger is upon me.

I hunger for a mouth, for arms , for legs and a tongue, for a wet tight cunt. i hunger for a body. i hunger for tits. Small tasty tits, large succulent tits, firm new tits longing to be used and grabbed and fucked. For soft knowledgeable tits that long to be sucked and kissed and devoured. Round strong tits that long to be bounced, and twisted and pulled and whipped and covered in cum. for small firm perky tits that need to be fucked and slapped and bathed in warm cum.

I hunger for hips and legs, smooth and long and sharp and curved. Hips that hold and rock, hips that welcome, hips that will cradle me, for legs long and smooth and supple, and strong. Legs to grab me, legs to open and hold me, legs to snake around me and pin me till i am drained, and then still hold me in their vice grip till I grow again, legs that can speak my name, and open when i just look, legs that long for only me.

I hunger for a cunt. A cunt shaved smooth and warm and moist. a cunt pink and open and leaking cum. A cunt so hot I singe my fingers and cock. A cunt that is alive and will grab me and devour every hard inch of me, and suck every last drip of cum from me.

The hunger fills my balls and tightens my scrotum. They ache for release. They throb to be emptied . They are heavy with cum, laden with desire, full of a burning need.

and the hunger continues.

The hunger is turning me. I am craving flesh, skin, blood and cum. the stink of desire clings to me as i hunt for release, hunt for an end to the hunger.

My body throbs with want, the want to spew cum in a face, to shoot a string of pearls across large pail breasts, and tender succulent necks. to see my cum resting on pink lips and drizzle from outstretched panting tongues.

The hunger blinds me and turns my body feral. The hunger hunts the tense dark of my life for food, for release. Hunting for a tender body, delectable breasts, an excepting mouth and a cunt slick with wet desire.

The hunger moves me through my days and haunts my nights. Drives me into the cold and dark and loneliness of the deepest solitude. Drives me to find a release, a body humming with sparks and lighting bolts with flames of lust and unbridled need.

To find a woman who the hunger has a hold of.

The hunger bursts out of me. splitting my skin, and plunges me into instinct. I move from man to just need, to find another in life consuming need, to plunge into a animistic frenzy with.

A frenzy of rending, and tearing, and biting, a frenzy of clawing, and pinching and hair pulling, in a fury of fucking till the hunger abates.

Then When the hunger subsides, a body to wait, lay beside me till again the stink of desire and need fills the air, and the hunger splits our bodies, and the clawing snarling animals that we are fall into a sexual frenzy of feeding, till our hunger is satiated.


Anonymous said...

You have so wonderfully painted a vivid image of the hunger, longing and need that we feel, whether we be dominant or submissive. The way you describe it awakens those things in me and makes me very, very hungry.


finbar said...

wanderingblueeyes, thank you, and I'm glad i awakened the hunger in you, now i hope that you are able to satiate that hunger.

and yes, i am glad you pointed out that the hunger is also felt as keenly by submissives!

i guess that it is the nature of the beast, to experience hunger, and then to prowl until they can satiate that hunger.

Charli said...

Good grief man!

Holy voraciousness Jerome!

....and here I thought "I" had an insatiable appetite!

Why do I keep picturing Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf??

moonheart said...

Oh my, i am craving very much at the moment and your words are making me even more hungry.

finbar said...

charli, well i don't see my self as the big bad wolf, i see myself more along the lines of a lycan.

moonheart, i hope that you can satiate that hunger you are feeling.