Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Watcher

the fading breath of winter still lingered on the dark march night. the corner of the parking lot was secluded and layered in dark overlapping shadows.

the few people coming and going to the ice rink were unable to see the dark car nestled alone in the layers of night.

my heart was racing, every sense was heightened and humming. this was a new one, which just added to heightening the intense arousal i was feeling. my cock strained stiff and throbbing in my jeans, i was able to even feel the clear pre come oozing from its tip,as i watched you lean back against the car door, lift one leg onto the seat, leaving the other on the floor.

you opened your long slender legs slowly revealing your smooth shaved cunt, something i had not seen in months. you knew this was a requirement and followed directions obediently.

you held open your red inflamed lip for me to inspect your dampening cunt and clit. again as instructed you switched on the sleek silver bullet, and as the soft electric humm filled the car, your eyes half hooded with lust, then closed completely as you focused on the worm lighting bolts of pleasure that was running through your body, and your hips gently swayed and rocked to the rhythm of the vibrator.

your breath became shorter, and shallow, as you fumbled out a breast, and grasped the red erect nipple between two pinching and pulling fingers. your fingers would circle then pinch then pull your nipple then you would repeat the process, becoming rougher and rougher as you became more aroused.

i sat and watched as you lost your self in the pleasure of your body, in the pleasure of being watched, in the pleasure of being controlled, in the all consuming pleasure of being helpless to resist my wishes.

i watched as your fell deeper, into the sensation, closer to your orgasm.
i watched as your hips rocked faster with more purpose, rocked uncontrollable, and your legs stretched wider as you hips swayed and rocked, as clear glissining arousal leaked from your inflamed cunt.

i reached over and coated my middle finger with your clear lubricant, knowing it was time that you were on the edge, i slid my finger into your ass. you gasped once then went stiff for an instance as you orgasm. i felt the twitching of your muscles and the spasming as you ground your ass onto my finger relishing every wave and spasm of your orgasm.

you sat for several minutes vibrator off, gently fucking my finger before much to your disappointment i pulled it out.

later before you left and i went to my game, you told me that it was the first time you had masturbated for someone, that you never thought that you would have felt so overwhelmed, so devoured by lust and raw need. and you added that it was the first time in your life that someone had inserted anything into your ass. shyly, demurely you admitted that the first moment felt odd, but then as your orgasm heightened you found it wonderful, and had tried to sink deeper onto my finger, that you liked it, liked it a lot.!!

after you had left and i was changing for my monday night game, i smiled to my self, in the knowledge that conditioning and linkage works.


Charli said...

Oh Finbar, this is wonderful! I so understand all the emotions she was feeling as I have, fairly recently, experienced both of these things for the very first time as well.

----- Jennifer ----- said...

su blog es muy bueno

finbar said...

charli, i am glad that i was able to capture the feeling, and I'm glad you were able to identify with them, i am sure that you greatly enjoyed those experiences! you Dom is a very lucky man!!