Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lost Green of My Eyes

you came swimming up
out of my weeds, up through
the lost green of my eyes.
you came swimming through the reeds
naked and glistening,
your desire sleek and fresh,
red hair frothing

I stood enthralled
as you combed and braided
your hair,
as your breasts and thighs
sang to me, as your eyes carved
me out of the air.

I hung crucified in the moment
by your presence,
by the silver shimmer of air
and the tremble of water.
I stood pinned and mounted,
that moment frozen in me.

I longed and ached
and trembled ,
I stood enthralled, entangled.
I sank beneath the
shivering silver water,
past the weeds and frothy
squalls of hair
past ripe breasts and
stiff nipples,
past white smooth legs,
past the golden flecks of
your desire,
past the tangle of days in
the cascading liquid of
our lives

still that moment remains
in the amber of my memory
you swimming up
through the lily pads
up through the reeds to find
the green of my eyes.


Luna Mauvaise said...

This is lovely. Fluid even.

Gray said...

So beautifully written.

"I hung crucified in the moment"


Avachild said...

When I read your words. My mind stills. The world melts away. For a moment I'm able to be still and breath as your words cascade through my thoughts. You are able to weave magic into each letter, commanding them to form a perfect dance across the page. There is so much emotion in your poetry. Instantly, images flicker through my mind as I continue to read, letting myself be drawn deeper. I feel almost sadden when I come to the end.
Thank you for sharing these parts of you with all of us.


S. said...

I believe the art is Waterhouse's Narcissus and Echo. I'm wishing it wasn't titled so. Your post is beautifully written, and the art, as art, compliments it very nicely.

finbar said...

luna, thank you for the compliment, and i do enjoy your work very much.

gray as always thank you,

avachild, you are making me blush, i am so so glad that my writing has an impact on you, you make it worth while writing.

s. you are right, it is waterhouse, he is one of my favorites, and yes the irony of choosing that picture as the illustrative art is not lost. how did i know that you would know??

Roxana said...

perhaps this is a weird way to start commenting on a blog, but i want to say that i have been haunted by the lost green of your eyes ever since i read this poem for the first time (and i returned many times to find myself lost again, and unable to break the silence)...