Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Will Turn To Stone.

i know that the brown loam finds you, and names you in the rise of sun as the blue
thunders time along your sweet breasts.

and moments like solitudes return to your eyes as you capture the sun and open your mouth to release the slim yellow rays of light.

and along the heaving earth between stars and darkness i will turn to stone in your presence, and tumble from your lips smooth and round.

and my love the winds are tongues and find your body as you rise from the heat of the day and your shimmering mouth utters the mysteries of beginning, of world, and of light.

my mouth opens for your moist loins and rocking heaving hips, as your red mouth swallows the beginning seeds, and the days of your thighs bind the passing light to the soft shadows of my spent desire.

and i lie with you embraced by earth and clay, and in you i find the motion and paths of stars as my mouth codifies your yielding breast.

and you turn me to stone with the touch of your look, and i tumble from light through the darkness to the light of your grave, and the weeping that you became grows me stiff and again i find the renewal of your loins,

and i travel the silence of space till my empty mouth gathers you in, and finds each grain of you, and then i will turn to stone and fall from you.

my hands travel the curved water of your hips, and the undulating
roll and dip of bone and pelvis.

your mouth gasps and the earth of your torso arches into the path of my fingers,
my hand drifts to your soft intimate crease now dewing with dark wishes,
as my fingers swim and stroke each fold and lip.

your rasping breath heats me to combustion, as your hands find the hidden me throbbing in welcome,

and as my fingers entwine the flames i am consumed as your breath scorches the tender skin of my shoulder, blistering it as you surround and devour me in one gulp.

you hold me enthralled, singeing skin until the heat of your pyre is quenched and only cinders remain, and from the ashes, your mouth lifts me and turns me to stone, to again travel the liquid of you.


the eyes of your hands trace the voyages of my body and i long for the earth and air that encompass you.

your fire and water holds me to you and i dip my hands into your intimate fathoms
as your wish of seeds swim the flames of air

the aroma of ozone lingers as your sky is crinkled by lighting.

the air swells and bruises as you fall beyond the rim of the world and i struggle to embrace the elements that have fused together in you, when i do i turn to stone and tumble through the silents of your mouth.


your hands reached in and broke the skin, your fingers mouthless swallowed my beating heart and all i knew of the moment was a gasping sigh,

but you knew, and in the cup of your hands cradled the frailty of my beating inside,

the beating continued in a stretched string of again and again, and then the wistful ache of what might have been,

between your fingers the tremble and flutter of something hidden in the flesh: that spark beyond the emptiness between lust and breath, then the final sound of trembling beating wings that fills us, then falls into our crypt of silence, as i turn to stone and fall from your mouth.


my love, the dark road of your passing and the spring roots of your hands find the loam of the world, and in the distant rim of the sun your eyes listen to the light,

and your tired hands travel the mystery of my dark roads, and the shadows that reach into the silence of your mouth, finding sorrow after sorrow,

but in the turning of the earth, and the snap of your opening body finds the forest of my wilderness and the dark roads wind into the bowing shadows filled with the dry rustle of leaves.

and in the darkness the angels fell, prisoners of rocks and gravity, weeping the air and lost flight.

and still the road contorts and embraces the wilderness and gulps swift streams as the glint of water shines on the passing of the fallen trudging their fate,

eyes praying the words of air and flight, but only stones listen and the dark road travels on embracing the drop of sky,

and rolls into the distant curve of forever as the earth murmurs its seed of renewal
and the push of spring for a moment heaves the road aside, and bursts its beginning green through the stiff clay and clinging shadows, and again like your spring, i turn to stone and fall from your mouth.


Topaz said...

So vivid, the light from the mouth and the snapping, they stay with me long after I've finished reading.

Luna Mauvaise said...

My goodness. Wherever did you come from?

Gray said...

I am so lost in your words Fin.. so absolutely lost.

finbar said...

topaz i'm glad that you enjoyed it. just as trampified will stay with me.

luna, well goodness had nothing to do with it, as for where do i come from that's easy i come from where the wild things are.

gray, thank you, you may be lost, but i am still trapped on the dance floor, and me with no rhythm at all.

S. said...

The greatest compliment I can extend to you is that this was as if I had been reading Neruda or Paz. An equal among the great ones.

This is, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful piece you've written, thus far.


Avachild said...

I could drown myself in your words. Finding myself more alive in the passing. A brief moment, my eyes opening as my mouth inhales your painted words into my mind. Torture, twisted thoughts fall to the side. I enjoy the silence your words bring. I feel.... humble and in awe.


finbar said...

s. i am so flattered i am speechless, i don't know what to say other than thank you. a compliment coming from you is highly valued by me. i admire your talent so much and value your insight and your ability. thank you s,

avachild, as always it pleases me so much that you come and read my blog, and your compliments always make me blush, i am just so glad that you get enjoyment out of what i have written. thank you ava.


S. said...

Finbar, you have a natural gift for the erotic and sensual. It collapses inside your words, then becomes an almost pheromonal effusion in the air here.

Reading you is a divine pleasure.

1manview said...

A sensuous write of vivid erotica...

Indigo said...

Totally beautiful