Monday, March 1, 2010

The Darkening Tempest of You.

you in the blue of
my intimate darkness
plumbed the depth
of my passion.
your eyes leaked into the
muffled sheets
mazed between grunts,
and pain and rapture.
your body spilled its
ocean over me and
into my frenzy.

I spooled you out
unraveled flesh and blood
peeled away sinew to
fluted bone then erased
that to your appetite.

you breathed in the
crackle of my moist
heaving gasps
between the raking of
my need along the expanse
of you , spread out before
a deep moist wilderness
raw with wind
and sea and tide.

I plunged blind in the
turbulence of
myself, then into the darkening
tempest of you.
your tides flowed me
along the curves and winds,
of your gasping body.

the dark broke, powdered
under the pounding of
waves, under the swallowing
hands and claws that
I have become.

you continued to storm
a squall contained by bone
and will,
and yet,
you spilled the sea in your need,
as you unravel and
your waves undulate crashing
against the rocks and cliffs
of the flesh that contains

then in my starvation, the gale
that pulled the two of us
into the typhoon of
our encounter, wanes.
the brine waves that you are
leaks itself out.
then drained of
the fury, diminishes.
waves and sea, and
breath returns,
in the end the darkness
passed, leaving the purged
eruptions laying damp upon
a cleansed sea..


Gray said...

First off I'm so happy to see you posting!!:)*Does a happy dance*

Second, I adore this piece. The words are amazing, the images this paints intense and combined with listening to Sigur Rós | #8 A.K.A. Popplagio has made this one of my favorite pieces of yours to date.

Luna Mauvaise said...

I breathe your words. Ahh, fresh air.

I am with Gray...wonderful to see a new post from you.

finbar said...

Gray and Luna,

thank you both, for the compliments, and i will try my best to post regularly, its been hard the past couple of months to focus on my writing, but i hope to make an effort to discipline myself, (though i would rather discipline someone else.) to write and post with some regularity.

but thank you so much for the warm welcome back.

Cat said...

this is most delicious.