Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For You

 for you
I would draw the blue
blue air
through vision and sight
and in the eye spin it to
fabric, and then back again
to light and shadow

for you,
I will take the fragile night
crisp and lonely wrap it
like a shall around your
marble shoulders,
and then in the heat of
your cauldron melt it in
to your body

for you
I will capture the glowing
waves of lava
and pack it’s fire and rage
into a drop of light to roll
on your tongue cool and
thrilling, then dissolve it
to wine, for your quenching,

for you
I will speak the secret words
and chant the ancient
calling and aline all
the elements, and from the cup
of my hands spill them
into your heart, bring them
to one, till the pulse and glow
throbs through you, and brings
you to the beginning and end
at once, so you will be
all and one for me.


Luna Mauvaise said...

Lord have mercy.

Avachild said...

So intense......breath taking.

I'm, at a loss for words.

Thank you Finbar.

Woman in a Window said...

what a lovely weave
with softness
and yet