Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Love: III: The Weight of Rain

my love,

the water and rain weigh me down, i tried to hold you, to touch your breasts, but you were a drop of glistening dew, that held the earth, a clear drop left from the secret encounter of dark and sun,

i thirst for you, for the wine that lingers in fist fulls of dark grapes that sing of earth and warmth, i hunger to be nourished, to have my ache for you filled by the droning of bees and by the splash and babble of swift rivulets that rub smooth the bones of earth, and seek in there passion the vast salt sea, that calls, that sings, that siren that can not be denied. i long to be nourished by your milk and blood, and the clear dew of when dark and sun encounter.

my love, the weight of rain pulled me to my knees, pulled me to the rich thick mud, filled me with blood and seeds, and the rain fed the earth with its secrets, and drew from the mud the mystery of breasts and blood and milk, and the final mystery of the briefest of encounters of dark and sun, as my thirst throbs to be quenched by the wine of your breasts.


Angel said...

...the push and pull, ebb and flow, of your rain and your love, each drop and wave of it, does make me ache...

...with the weight of this rainy desire, with the ache of the core crying out for one blessed drop more of it...

painfully beautful, finbar

thank you for this sharing


finbar said...

i thank you so so much for your wonderful comments and your encouragement.

i greatly value both.